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Mold seem to be everywhere, and mold spores are a common component of household workplace dust. However, when spores are present in large quantities, they become a health hazards to humans, potentially causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

The term “toxic mold” refers to mold that produce mycotoxins. Exposure to high level of mycotoxins can lead to neurological problems and in some cases death. Immediate action upon discovery is crucial in preventing health hazard and high remediation costs.

Our employees are properly trained in the latest techniques and procedures in mold remediation.

Mold can be found in:

• Flooding
• Backed-up sewers
• Leaky roofs
• Humidifiers
• Combustion appliances not exhausted to the outdoors

• Damp basements or crawl spaces
• Constant plumbing leaks
• Houseplants
• Shower/bath steam and leaks
• Clothes dryer vented indoors

Licenses &
  • NJ State Certified Home Improvement Contractor #13VH07029000

  • Newark Housing Authority Approved Section 3 Contractor

  • NJ State Lead Supervisor - Housing & Public Buildings - Permit #024696

  • Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor Permit #024735

  • EPA/HUD Renovator, Repair, and Painting Certified #NAT-126297-1

  • New Jersey State Asbestos Abatement Contractor - License#01227

  • New Jersey Lead Abatement Contractor - Certificate#00547-A

  • New York State Asbestos Abatement Contractor - Cert #12-21459

  • NYS Mold Remediation Contractor Certificate#MR00405

  • NYS Mold Assessor Certificate#MA00786

  • ​New Jersey Certified Asbestos Safety Technician (AST) #01322

  • EPA Lead Evaluation Contractor Certificate#LBP-126297-2

  • EPA Lead Abatement Contractor Certificate#LBP-126297-1

  • NYC Home Improvement Salesperson License License#2051009-DCA

  • NYCDEP Asbestos Supervisor License#146399

  • NJ Lead Evaluation Conractor Certificate#00627E

  • EPA Rsk Assessor Certificate#

  • NYC MWBE Certification

  • NYS MWBE Certification

  • NJ NWBE Certification

  • NYCSCA MWBE Certification

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