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Lead-based paint can be found in houses built before 1980. Renovation in homes where lead paint is found is one of the greatest causes of childhood lead poisoning. Many homes with lead-based paint are occupied by families with children under the age 6. Children at the age of 6 and under are most easily damaged by lead because their nervous systems are still developing. 

Removal of lead-based paint from buildings and structures helps prevent serious lead exposures and lead poisoning. Optimum Environmental personnel uses chemical and mechanical methods of lead paint removal. Most often, the removal of the building component and replacement is the best option.

Our employees have carpentry and masonry skills and experience, which is essential in the replacement of building components. Our experience also includes both renovations and restorations of removed and damaged components.

Lead can be found in:
• Windows and window sills, Apron, Trough & Casing
• Doors and door frames, Jamb
• Stair railings, Tread, Risers, Stringers, Newel Post and balusters
• Porches and fences
• Exterior siding


Licenses &
  • NJ State Certified Home Improvement Contractor #13VH07029000

  • Newark Housing Authority Approved Section 3 Contractor

  • NJ State Lead Supervisor - Housing & Public Buildings - Permit #024696

  • Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor Permit #024735

  • EPA/HUD Renovator, Repair, and Painting Certified #NAT-126297-1

  • New Jersey State Asbestos Abatement Contractor - License#01227

  • New Jersey Lead Abatement Contractor - Certificate#00547-A

  • New York State Asbestos Abatement Contractor - Cert #12-21459

  • NYS Mold Remediation Contractor Certificate#MR00405

  • NYS Mold Assessor Certificate#MA00786

  • ​New Jersey Certified Asbestos Safety Technician (AST) #01322

  • EPA Lead Evaluation Contractor Certificate#LBP-126297-2

  • EPA Lead Abatement Contractor Certificate#LBP-126297-1

  • NYC Home Improvement Salesperson License License#2051009-DCA

  • NYCDEP Asbestos Supervisor License#146399

  • NJ Lead Evaluation Conractor Certificate#00627E

  • EPA Rsk Assessor Certificate#

  • NYC MWBE Certification

  • NYS MWBE Certification

  • NJ NWBE Certification

  • NYCSCA MWBE Certification

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