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EPA(NYS)/NJ Lead Evaluation

Lead hazard evaluation may be accomplished by risk assessment or inspection, or by a combination of both. The combination approach results in an identification of all lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazard. Optimum Environmental Solution, LLC is staffed with workers  certified by both New York (EPA) and New Jersey States in Lead Inspection and Risk Assessment.


"Paint inspection" is a surface-by-surface investigation of all painted surfaces-interior and exterior, in common areas of multifamily as well as in dwelling units-using portable x-ray fluorescent (XRF) analyzers and/or laboratory analyses of paint samples to determine the presence of lead-based-paint, and provision of a report on the results.


"Risk assessment" is an onsite investigation of a residential dwelling for lead-based paint hazards and includes, but not be limited to, a visual inspection; limited environmental samplings of dust, soil, and deterioted paint on building components; and a report of the results that identifies acceptable abatement and interim control strategies for controlling any lead-based paint hazards identified.

Licenses &
  • NJ State Certified Home Improvement Contractor #13VH07029000

  • Newark Housing Authority Approved Section 3 Contractor

  • NJ State Lead Supervisor - Housing & Public Buildings - Permit #024696

  • Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor Permit #024735

  • EPA/HUD Renovator, Repair, and Painting Certified #NAT-126297-1

  • New Jersey State Asbestos Abatement Contractor - License#01227

  • New Jersey Lead Abatement Contractor - Certificate#00547-A

  • New York State Asbestos Abatement Contractor - Cert #12-21459

  • NYS Mold Remediation Contractor Certificate#MR00405

  • NYS Mold Assessor Certificate#MA00786

  • ​New Jersey Certified Asbestos Safety Technician (AST) #01322

  • EPA Lead Evaluation Contractor Certificate#LBP-126297-2

  • EPA Lead Abatement Contractor Certificate#LBP-126297-1

  • NYC Home Improvement Salesperson License License#2051009-DCA

  • NYCDEP Asbestos Supervisor License#146399

  • NJ Lead Evaluation Conractor Certificate#00627E

  • EPA Rsk Assessor Certificate#

  • NYC MWBE Certification

  • NYS MWBE Certification

  • NJ NWBE Certification

  • NYCSCA MWBE Certification

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